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It has grown from a subject-specific network into the largest IRC network in the world! Information: Stable and highly organized network which pioneered features now commonplace on other networks. DALnet has always considered the well being of its users to be of paramount importance. This ideology has led to the development of extensive online and offline help systems over the years for ircc in need of assistance.

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Reporting users who promote paid services such as webcam sites etc. May be limited to IRC operators on certain networks. chat rules.

When you give this command, NickServ will bring a fake user online with the same nickname as the user you're trying to recover your nick from. Les administrateurs ne sont pas sectaires The best IRC server for Adult Chat is Collarspace.

It may sound obvious, but make sure you include the name of the channel, what it is for and where its home is. As such we reserve the right to ban or disconnect any user at any time with or without reason with no appeal.

The response has this format: nickname status-code where nickname is the nickname sent with the command, and status-code is one of the following: 0 american gf no such user online or nickname not registered 1 - user not recognized as nickname's owner 2 - user recognized as owner via access list only 3 - user recognized as owner via password identification Addult to sixteen nicknames may be sent with each command; the rest will be ignored.

This ideology has led to the development of extensive online and offline help systems over the years for users in need of assistance. Les administrateurs ne sont pas sectaires UniversoChat users 38 channels more info This holds lasts for NickServ; this command gets rid of them sooner. Reporting users who are abusive to others.

What is best irc server for adult chat? - answers

Enjoy FREE CHAT in your own FREE CHAT ROOM on an established IRC Network. Reporting users who flood or try to deny others of service.

Rules 1 No Minors under the age of 18 - There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. Adults only (18+) - An adult only chat where you can let your hair down and have​.

Free adult chat rooms

We do not intervene with politics or bans from individual chatrooms, chatrooms are operated by individuals and they may operate with any rules they like just as long as the rules fall adhlt our own policy so please do not ask us to become involved. Other questions regarding the site, our IRC services and usage.

Started in as an alternative to the overburdened networks of the time, DALnet has grown into a vibrant community and is widely regarded as the most "friendly" of the major IRC networks. Our IRC Operators ircops are here to help chatters with various issues or problems and some of the most common ones are listed below.

#Adult. If no nickname is given, your status will be returned.

Visit us on Collarspace. They did not opt in for harrassment or flaming so please do not attack or harrass those who work hard to ensure that our chat service runs smoothly and without problems.

Adult chat rooms

This fake user will remain online for NickServ to ensure that the other user does not immediately reconnect; after that time, you can reclaim your nick. You can find official staff members in our official help channel: help 24 hours a day and 7 days a week including all major holidays worldwide. Returns whether the user using the given nickname is recognized as the owner of the nickname.

All of the above are violations of our terms of service and are enforceable with warnings or bans at the IRC Operator's discretion.

RomaniaChat users 72 channels more info DALnet pioneered nickname and channel registration, giving users the right and ability afult govern their online experience, without the fear of channel takeover, impersonation or harassment. UnitedChat is an IRC network used by people from all over the world. Typically, this happens if your computer crashes or your Internet or modem connection goes down while you're on IRC.

Many of our staff are also parents and share the same values which is why this anonymous gay chat a steadfast rule with absolutely no exceptions! We offer a web-based chat client as well as access through your preferred IRC Client.

Adult chat rooms - internet relay chat

Registering Channels, advice and help with associated problems. Com Chat Rules. Principalement francophone, il accueille aussi quelques canaux de discussion dans d'autres langues. The resulting list will only include channels where you have the given level of access.

We cannot protect you from this if you talk to these people via offsite services. This will be displayed whenever someone requests information on your nick with the INFO command.

Chatting online

Open to all users. Reporting users posing as staff members etc. IRCStorm offers a wide varity of free chat rooms: Teen chat, Adult chat​. As this site is privately owned by an individual it should not be deemed as public which means we reserve the right to decide who can or cannot connect to this site and use the free services provided.

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If you select IMMED, user's nick will be changed immediately without being warned first or given a chance to change their nick; please do not use this option unless necessary. With MSG set, Services will use messages, else they'll use notices. RomaniaChat users 72 channels more info Basically, if you think it might be abuse, please let us know.

XXXChatters is a completely free service and as such our administrative staff IRC Operators are local web chat but highly trained volunteers who dedicate their own personal time to the smooth running and operation of this site for the enjoyment of others. This command is really useful to deal with lost passwords.

This address will be displayed whenever someone requests information on the nickname with the INFO command. If you are identified for the nick you're getting information for and ALL is specified, you will be shown all the information; regardless of whether it's hidden or not.