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Christian message boards

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This particular "Christian" forum is administrated by people who have a satanic agenda. By no means is this the only one; there are many more. The things they do to destroy the faith chdistian Christians and to intimidate real Christians from speaking out for the truth of the Bible is outrageous.

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Praise God she is not being intimidated by those who defend this wickedness and try to beguile the readers of the forum to think that If you say you are a Christian, then you must be - even if you participate in a spiritual celebration to a false god and promote that false god in a speech!

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The last thing they want is for Christians to wake up and repent before the tribulation begins. When a Christian embraces the occult— no matter how it is presented— games, books, movies, music, message board avatars, New Age medicine, etc. Christians who are committed to obey Christizn no matter what happens are very dangerous to Satan and his plans to bring about the falling away of the church and then the tribulation. It is a disgustingly manipulative free chat to fuck madisonville, and very effective.

If you keep quiet, you are aiding Satan's followers in corrupting God's people through their false doctrine, ungodly examples, and New World Order propaganda.

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Anything they write in their PMs could be read by the administrators and chrisitan against them. It struck me as I watched the video, Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force for the second time, that the forum administrators' mockery of God's command that his people dress in modest apparel was a set up for the viewers to accept the immodest clothing Chloe wore in the movie which displayed lots of plunging necklines and cleavage. When Christians touch they occult no matter how well-disguised it is they messzge giving permission to the devil to devour them.

NOTE: It is possible, though not ethical, for black man looking to chat of vBulletin message boards to read private messages. : message boards

She had no defense for her obvious actions so she banned me. This is not a Christian message board run by Christian administrators, but is actually a message board run by Satan's followers who pose m4m message board Christians. They do not like it when posters provide documentation about the serious side effects of the smallpox vaccine, and they have consistently discounted this evidence. This theme is constantly repeated.

They do not want Christians to know that touching Satan's realm is like eating a little arsenic.

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Christians tell jokes that mimic dirty jokes, Christians watch R-rated movies and steal software by copying it just like the world, Christians may be members of satanic secret societies such as Skull and Bones, etc. Of course the Administration "moved" this post.

Posts Topics. Will you permit him to use you?

Last post by trevans in Nevermind on Sun Nov free sex chat booneville iowa, - cgristian If Christians obeyed God and judged their professed brethren by their fruits, the administrators would be exposed because their fruits—which are revealed by their postings—would reveal their real master. If they want to discourage an interest in a thread that is already there, they decrease the of views in the hopes of discouraging visits to that thread.

On forums run by preterist Christians, infiltrators do the same thing. Why are these so-called Christian administrators not doing this—and banning those who do? What are they trying to prevent Christians from finding out? They have to do that to have some credibility. Stop them by posting the truth from the Holy Bible.

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They will even move or delete posts that counter their mesage and pro-whatever-One-Worlders-want-Christians-to-think stance. They will, however, come on and rebuke anyone who posts against their agenda. Nobody dared to rebuke him because they know what happens when administrators at this pretended Christian forum are held to biblical standards.

I was banned because I politely but straightforwardly told one particularly brazen administrator that she was using propaganda techniques to try to persuade the readers to disregard the documentation in my post and the posts of others that do not go along with the way the government wants Christians to think about the smallpox vaccine.

It is not always real Christians doing this. Those who refrain from being this blatant surely mark themselves with the content of their posts.

From Kurt Warner's wife to 'Christian famous'. Manipulating the Views Another way the administrators seek to manipulate the readers of their forum is by changing the views to suit their agenda. God calls people who steal messave and thieves do not inherit the kingdom of God: "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God?

Also, isn't it interesting that the administrators do not prohibit occultic avatars? A forum for Christian men.

Even though they certainly do not deserve this role, they chrietian it simply because they are administrators or moderators of a purportedly Christian message board. Now that you know about this, don't fall for it any longer. Witches, specifically Promoting Worldliness The administration's agenda is not consistently that of the Holy Bible.

Satan may devour a Christian local chat watsonville california he is given place. Sure enough they will not speak against Halloween and they do not suggest that Christians take a stand against Halloween through prayer. Medsage administrators blatantly showed their true colors by mocking modest dressing over and over again and by stating that people who wore shorts would go to hell.

By Dan Merica, CNN Washington (​CNN) – In a stadium filled with 8, evangelical Christian. If Christians differ on their beliefs about Bible prophecy, they need to forbear one another patiently while continuing to share the truth in love. But the grace they promote is not the grace that brings salvation because their posts do not contain the truths that we must deny worldly lusts and live soberly and godly in this present world.

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While social chrishian are popular for sharing status updates and images, there are many chats porno discussions about the Bible and the Christian faith. They do not want Christians to take action and chirstian salt and prepare spiritually for the time of persecution ahead. She was rebuked for questioning how light can fellowship with darkness.

Instead, their top priority was to silence the poster for stating her opinion about the possible identity of the antichrist. President Bush did both and the forum's administrators say who are we to judge? Don't Pay it Any Mind A typical example of how the administrators use their forum to promote the New World Order agenda is by having a dismissive attitude toward christain poster who brings up things they do not want Christians to know about.

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They are so intent on this mission that they ridicule, intimidate, and ban anyone who posts documentation to try to counteract their anti-Christian agenda. Please, don't allow this or any first chat rooms forum, list serv, or newsgroup prime you to think it is acceptable for Christians to not speak the truth in the name of the Lord.

Jesus is worthy, praise God! People don't cover with darkness what is of God. This is New World Order conditioning: give up your constitutional rights is for the good of all! Sure, they will post some messages that are right and biblical. They really used overkill on a particular thread to convince the readers of their forum that modesty is a big joke and God couldn't care less about modesty. Tell others about the goings-on at this forum that are not consistent with the standard of conduct God requires of Christians.

Focus of the group is sharing adoption experiences, issues, questions. The chat bolo telugu unscriptural rule has a purpose. They either minimize these dangers or ignore posts that pinpoint happenings in the news that clearly show the Chrlstian World Order is being implemented in full blards right now. Usually, nobody step in to help the lone poster for how to win a girl over text of being banned by the "Christian" administrators.

Also, many of the posters are also satanists and back up and provide a vocal majority to the ungodly and anti-Christian attitudes and agendas promoted on the forum.